2020 Visionary - Steve Westly

Steve Westly PhotoSteven Westly is a Silicon Valley venture capitalist and former California State Controller, serving from 2003 to 2007. During the 2008 Presidential Election, Westly served as California Campaign Co-chair for Obama for America and was considered for a cabinet level position in the Obama administration. Currently, Westly is Managing Director at The Westly Group, one of the largest clean technology venture firms in the US. The Westly Group funds teams with innovative technologies that aim to solve the world’s most pressing problems. Their investments have helped propel the growth of a generation of companies seeking to shift the energy and resource-use paradigm, including Tesla Motors, Amyris, Lunera Lighting, Scientific Conservation, RecycleBank, Revolution Foods, Soladigm and others.

Steve’s support of Atherton 2020 really began in 2008, when he agreed to serve as an informal advisor to the 15-member Atherton Thinking Green Think Tank, an Atherton task force formed to set program priorities for the City Council and the EPC. Steve was instrumental in helping to define home energy efficiency as a priority in 2009 and proved to be an avid supporter of the EPC’s early program plans. His enthusiasm for Atherton 2020, as it took shape, and his validation of the 2020 Visionary concept, helped propel the program’s initiative to shed light on the diverse and impressive environmental accomplishments of a broad swath of Atherton luminaries.

The Westly’s have had solar on their home for the last four years and have installed a variety of insulation and other conservation measures in their home.


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