If I Only Knew . . . ! (Beta)

2020 Knowledge-base

Atherton residents donít like high energy bills or wasted energy but figuring out what to do about that hasnít been easy. Maybe you have decided to change from traditional light bulbs to something more efficient: how do you figure out whatís best? Compact flourescents? LEDs? What if you don't like the type light they produce? Who do you speak with to find out what the most energy efficient options really are? Where are the experts?

We help you access the experts!

If I Only Knew! is a new knowledge-base being developed specifically for the kinds of questions high energy homeowners have. We are trying to capture efficiency expertise and advice that goes beyond ďturn-off-the-lights.Ē †We are drawing on a wide range of community experts, including our sponsors and many other area professionals, to give you state-of-the-art, best practices wisdom on a very wide range of topics. We hope these articles help provide guidance to serious purchasers, household decision-makers and even other experts. We hope to links to allow you to contact the contributing author as well as permit your comment or question on the information posted!

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1 High Electric BillWhy my electric bill is so high! Is it because of my smart meter? I canít understand the PG&E rates, they seem so high! What can I do about my recessed lights? I donít like compact fluorescents, what are the alternatives? Can I just find a different energy provider? Why does installing solar seem so expensive? More Related Topics

2 High Heating BillWhat would help bring down my heating bill! Should I invest in new thermal windows? Do I have to take out my recirculating pump? How wel l do those ďOn DemandĒ systems work? Whatís a Chilipepper? What makes those new HE Washer/Dryer models better? Is there a difference between the gas and the electric models? How does solar thermal work anyway? What will an IR Scan do for me? More Related Topics

3 Reduce My WaterWhat can I do to reduce my use of water! I have a lot of lawn areas, what should I do? I have a pool and it needs a lot of water. Can I do something with rainwater? Is there a way to use the waste shower water on my lawn? Should I consider a well? We have a lot of water running off our property, what can we do about that? My kids take a lot of showers, how can we help them keep them short? More Related Topics

4 Reduce Garbage BillWhat can I do to reduce my familyís waste! How come my garbage bill went up so much? Why am I being charged for more green bins? Whatís the benefit of composting in your own back yard? Why are we being asked to compost food waste, whatís the big deal? Shouldnít our rates have come down from the resale of recycled materials? More Related Topics

5 Transportation PollutionHow to cut down on polluting forms of transportation! How can I dramatically improve my gas mileage? Can I use bio-fuels in my car? I want to get an electric or hybrid car, will I save money over the long term? I fly around a lot, is that an efficient way to travel? Iíd ride my bike more but how do I find the bike routes? Iíd use the train butMore Related Topics

6 Food SourcesWhat could I do to improve our food sources! Whatís so great about farmerís markets anyway? Canít walk much, what's the next best source? Whatís wrong with buying peaches from Chili anyway? Isnít bottled water cleaner than tap? Whatís the deal with organic, isnít that just a marketing gimmick? Should I worry about GMO foods? More Related Topics

7 Alternative EnergyWhat good alternative energy options are there! I donít understand how solar ďpaysĒ? I doubt my roof works for solar, what are good alternatives? If I get solar PV, I can have power during power outages, right? I am worried about power outages, what can I do? What if I just buy off-sets, does that work? Geothermal does what? Whatís this about nuclear power in Atherton?More Related Topics

8 Green BldgHow cool green building can be! Itís too expensive for me, I canít justify it! Iím going to demolish the old house, isnít that okay? Green building is just for new construction, right? Why should we change where the house is sited? Doesnít it cost a lot just for a certification? Where do I find architects and builders who understand this stuff?More Related Topics

9 Impact ReductionWhat I should be doing to reduce my climate impact! We didnít have to be green before, why should we now? I am not sure that climate change is happening, wasnít it colder this winter! I thought scientists donít even agree on this? Carbon emissions are natural, they are not pollution! Fossil fuels are cheaperóweíre in a recessionMore Related Topics

10Be AwareWhat else I should be aware of! How will my reducing my energy bill create jobs? How can I learn more about whatís going on in clean technology? Why does California get a waiver from the EPA anyway? Wonít AB-32 just make it harder for companies to do business here? Should I be supporting PG&Eís Climate Smart? More Related Topics

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